Toby Emert

Meet the Faculty

Gordon (Toby)  Emert   Jr.

Gordon (Toby) Emert Jr.

Associate Professor of Education and Chair

Contact Information

Phone: 404.471.6897
Office Location: Buttrick 321
Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 1-2; 5-5:30

Academic Degrees

B.A., Longwood College
M.Ed., The College of William and Mary
M.A., University of Tennessee
Ph.D., University of Virginia

Teaching and Scholarly Interests

Dr Emert's interests include English education, 21st-century literacies, arts and education, and technology in language arts classrooms. He teaches writing instruction, creative writing, and children’s and young adult literature. Additional research interests are teaching as an art form and authentic and alternative assessments.

Professional Activities

Recent Conference Presentations:
"Come Closer: Critical Perspectives on Theatre of the Oppressed." 17th International Conference on Pedagogy & Theatre of the Oppressed. Chicago, IL. July 2011.
"The Transpoemations Project: Digital Storytelling, Contemporary Poetry, and Refugee Boys." Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference. New Orleans, LA. March 2011.
"Going All the Way: A Frank Conversation About Teaching Explicit Young Adult Novels." National Council of Teachers of English Conference. Orlando, Fl. November 2010.

“Teacher-as-Artist: Imagining an Aesthetic Ethos for Critical Pedagogues.”  Hawai’i International Education Conference. Honolulu, HI. January 2009.
 “The Teaching That Dare Not Speak Its Name: the English Classroom as Taboo Territory.” National Council of Teachers of English. San Antonio, TX. November 2008.
“Toward a Model Education for Children of Refugee Families: Complex Conversations about Transformative Curricula.” 9th Annual Curriculum and Pedagogy Conference. Decatur, GA. October 2008. 

“Confronting Homophobia to Create Change in Education and Human Services.” 14th International Conference on Pedagogy & Theatre of the Oppressed. Omaha, NE. May 2008.
“Imaginative Assessment: Aesthetic Approaches to Evaluation.” Council of Teachers of English. Pine Mountain, GA. February 2008.
Recent Publications:
Emert, Toby & Ellie Friedland (Editors), "Come Closer": Critical Perspectives on Theatre of the Oppressed. New York: Peter Lang Publishers, 2011.
Emert, Toby. "Talking To, Talking About, Talking With: Language Arts Students in Conversation with Poetic Texts." English Journal 99 (2010): 67-73.
Emert, Toby. "Finding Julia Watts: the Facebook Interview." Signal Journal 33 (2009/10): 17-21.
Amos, Denise, Bradshaw, Glorianne, Emert, Toby, et. al. "Stepping into the Role of Professional Writer.”Handbook of Research on Electronic Collaboration and Organizational Synergy. Eds. J. Salmon and L. Wilson. Information Science Ref, 2008. 250-259.
Boykin, Zsa, Toby Emert, Sandra Grant, & Scott Smoot. “Writing with Our Eyes Open: a Collaborative Response to Teachers' Writing Groups.” In Teachers' Writing Groups: Collaborative Inquiry and Reflection for Professional Growth. Eds. Sarah Robbins, et. al. Kennesaw, GA: Kennesaw State University Press, 2006. 173-180.
In addition, Dr. Emert has published poems, book reviews, interviews, a number of peer-reviewed journal articles, and more than 150 articles appearing in popular magazines, newspapers, and on websites.

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