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Atlanta Metropolitan College Transfers

Atlanta Metropolitan College Transfers

Guaranteed Admission

Women who earn an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree from Atlanta Metropolitan College will be guaranteed admission to Agnes Scott College provided the subsequent criteria are met:
  • Apply for admission to Agnes Scott College by the stated deadlines published by Agnes Scott College.
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8.
  • Graduate from Atlanta Metropolitan College with no academic or social disciplinary sanctions.

Check the Courses that Will Transfer

Course Transfer Guide (PDF 94 KB)

Transfer Credit Limitations:

  1. A maximum of 64 semester hours will be accepted from Atlanta Metropolitan College for transfer to Agnes Scott College.
  2. Transfer credit is given for grades of C- or better in courses comparable to those offered at Agnes Scott College or applicable to the degree program offered at Agnes Scott College.
  3. No credit is given for academic courses without letter grades. This includes academic courses taken for pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades.
  4. No transfer credit grades will be used in computing cumulative grade point averages at Agnes Scott College.
  5. Transfer credits may apply to a student’s major at Agnes Scott College. A minimum of 16 hours toward a major, however, must be completed in Agnes Scott College upper-level academic courses.

Please note these specifics about attaining junior class standing:

  1. Students at Agnes Scott College are considered juniors when they have completed 60 semester hours (64 semester hours are normal progress) and declared a major.
  2. Atlanta Metropolitan College transfer students are not automatically considered juniors, but if they meet the criteria above, they will attain junior class standing.

Since no two colleges are alike, there are some differences between the curriculums at Atlanta Metropolitan College and Agnes Scott College. Here are some recommendations about courses to take at Atlanta Metropolitan College before transferring to Agnes Scott College:

  1. Agnes Scott College students must take one mathematics course to meet the Mathematics Standard. Atlanta Metropolitan College’s MATH 97, MATH 99 and MATH 1111 do not meet this standard. It is recommended that students take another math course at Atlanta Metropolitan College or fulfill this requirement at Agnes Scott College.
  2. Students at Agnes Scott College must attain intermediate proficiency in a foreign language. This entails completing a 202-level course in a foreign language at Atlanta Metropolitan College or Agnes Scott College.
  3. Students at Atlanta Metropolitan College working on an Associate in Arts degree should note that students at Agnes Scott College must complete two natural science courses, one of which must include a lab. It is recommended that Atlanta Metropolitan College students take one lab science and one additional science course (with or without a lab.)
  4. The Atlanta Metropolitan College core curriculum requires students to take one Humanities course, one Social Science course, and one Fine Arts course. Agnes Scott College requires that students take one Literature course, one Religious and Philosophical Thought course, one Historical Studies and Classical Civilizations course, one Fine Arts course, and one Social Science course.
  5. Agnes Scott College offers a Dance major and minor. Atlanta Metropolitan College dance courses may transfer in as credit towards the Dance curriculum or as no-credit physical education courses to fulfill the physical education standard.
  6. Certain Atlanta Metropolitan College courses may not transfer in to Agnes Scott College. Please contact Agnes Scott College’s Office of the Registrar at 404.471.6045 with specific questions.