The Elizabeth R. Griffin Internship

About the Internship

The Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization, is designed to promote safe research practices and help fund further research in the areas of zoonotic diseases. Zoonosis or Zoonotic diseases are illnesses humans acquire from animals. The diseases are sometimes viruses in which the carrier animals have natural immunities but humans do not.

The Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation, Inc. was formed in loving memory of Beth Griffin, an Agnes Scott College alumna, whose vibrant, young life was prematurely ended after contracting the rare macaque-born B virus (previously known as Herpes B Virus).

The foundation, in tribute to Beth's life and work as a researcher, awards a continuing yearly internship to an Agnes Scott student with a major or concentration in a field of science. The selected student works with Dr. Julia Hilliard, Ph.D at the Viral Immunology Lab at Georgia State.

How to Apply

Contact Gail Bell at for more information and application procedures for the internship.

More About the Foundation

The Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation:
  • Assists research that clearly defines current public health risks associated with zoonotic diseases
  • Provides a prevention/treatment/information network for research organizations
  • Provides a support network for those who have contracted or at risk of contracting zoonotic diseases
  • Promotes safe and responsible scientific research involving the use of animals