Agnes Advantage

Design and implement “Agnes Advantage,” an integrated sequence of curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities that will provide a structure for intellectual, ethical and civic development and engage students in their local and global communities. It will help Agnes Scott students

Engage: Stimulate active learning and critical and analytical thinking 

Express: Develop expertise in writing, speaking and visual communication

Connect: Promote vibrant campus learning communities both inside and outside the classroom

Explore: Link the liberal arts curriculum with opportunities to learn, serve and investigate career options in Atlanta and the wider world 

Integrate: Encourage research and reflection to synthesize intellectual, ethical, personal and professional development

Beginning with the class of 2014, all undergraduates will be expected to participate in:

  • ASC 101, including a first-year retreat and introduction to e-portfolio
  • First-Year Seminar
  • Sophomore Retreat focused on drafting an Academic Statement of Purpose
  • Career and life planning workshops and mentorship experiences
  • Experiential learning, including internships and service-learning courses
  • Study abroad
  • Capstone courses or mentored research projects

Students will also be encouraged to:

  • Enhance their academic skills by using the resources of the Center for Writing and Speaking and the Resource Center for Mathematics and Science
  • Present or publish their work at the Spring Annual Research Conference or other venues
  • Complete a four-year e-portfolio that documents, organizes and creatively presents evidence of their intellectual and personal development, academic achievements and leadership activities