Meet the Faculty

Meet the Faculty

Nicole Ackerman
Assistant Professor of Physics

Charlotte Artese
Associate Professor of English

Kelly H. Ball
Co-Director of Women's Studies and Visiting Assistant Professor

Rachel L. Bayless
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Anne E. Beidler
Professor of Art & Art History

Barbara J. Blatchley
Professor of Psychology and Chair

Mary C. Cain
Associate Professor of History and Chair

Augustus B. Cochran III
Adeline A. Loridans Professor of Political Science and Chair

Lesley Coia
Professor of Education

Eileen L. Cooley
Professor of Psychology

Christine S. Cozzens
Charles A. Dana Professor of English, Director of The Center for Writing and Speaking

Rosemary T. Cunningham
Hal and Julia T. Smith Chair of Free Enterprise

David D'Ambrosio
Director of Piano Studies and Accompanying

Lara Denis
Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Ethics Program

Christopher G. De Pree
Charles A. Dana Professor of Astronomy and Chair

James Diedrick
Professor of English

Megan O. Drinkwater
Associate Professor of Classics and Chair

Stacey B. B. Dutton
Assistant Professor of Biology

Gordon (Toby) Emert Jr.
Associate Professor of Education and Chair

Douglas J. Falen
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Douglas A. Fantz
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chair, Co-director of Biochemistry

Timothy S. Finco
Professor of Biology, Co-director of Biochemistry

Madina Zainullina Goldberg
Kirk Visiting Scholar in History

Gundolf Graml
Associate Professor of German and Director of German Studies

Alan Grostephan
Assistant Professor of English

Elizabeth Hackett
On sabbatical for 2015-2016 academic year. Associate Professor of Women's Studies and Philosophy

Rachel Hall-Clifford
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Public Health

Lilia C. Harvey
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate Dean of the College, Professor of Chemistry

Jennifer Lynn Hughes
Charles Loridans Professor of Psychology

Roshan Iqbal
Assistant Professor of Religion

Regine O. Jackson
Associate Professor of Sociology

Katharine D. Kennedy
Charles A. Dana Professor of History & Director of International Relations

Waqas A. Khwaja
Professor of English

Elizabeth Kiss
President of the College and Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies

Julia Caroline Knowlton
Professor of French, Chair of French and German

Alan Koch
Professor of Mathematics and Chair

Tracey E. W. Laird
Professor of Music and Chair

Jennifer L. Larimore
Assistant Professor of Biology

Amy J. Lovell
Professor of Astronomy

Jennifer A. Lund
Associate Dean for International Education and Assistant Professor of Education

Yael Manes
Assistant Professor of History

Elaine Meyer-Lee
Associate Vice President for Global Learning and Leadership

Robert Meyer-Lee
Margaret W. Pepperdene Distinguished Visiting Professor of English

Jared Millson
Kirk Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy

Eleanor G. Morris
Associate Professor of Political Science

Robin Morris
Assistant Professor of History

Yvonne D. Newsome
Professor of Sociology, Chair of Sociology and Anthropology

Gisela Norat
Professor of Spanish and Chair

Rafael Ocasio
Charles A. Dana Professor of Spanish

Philip A. Ojo
Kathy '68 and Lawrence Ashe Associate Professor of French

Kerry E. Pannell
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College and Professor of Economics

Richard D. Parry
Fuller E. Callaway Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Amy E. Patterson
Assistant Professor of Public Health, Director of the Department of Public Health

Jing Z. Paul
Assistant Professor of Chinese

Janelle S. Peifer
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Bonnie Perdue
Assistant Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

John F. Pilger
William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Biology, Co-director of Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Tina Pippin
Wallace M. Alston Professor of Bible and Religion and Chair of Religious Studies

Li Qi
Associate Professor of Economics and Chair

Lawrence H. Riddle
Professor of Mathematics

Ruth E. Riter
Professor of Chemistry

Srebrenka Robic
Associate Professor of Biology

Lock Rogers
Associate Professor of Biology

Bridget Roosa
Associate Professor of Dance and Director of Dance Studies

Nell Ruby
Kathy '68 and Lawrence Ashe Professor of Art & Chair of The Department of Art & Art History

Donna L. Sadler
Professor of Art

Dudley Sanders
Professor of Theatre & Chair of the Department of Theatre & Dance

Michael Schlig
Professor of Spanish, Resident Director of Agnes Scott Summer in Spain

Patricia Higino Schneider
Associate Professor of Economics

Catherine V. Scott
Professor of Political Science

Katherine Smith
Associate Professor of Art History

Qiao Chen Solomon
Associate Professor of Music and Director of Orchestral Activities and Strings Study

Jason W. Solomon
Assistant Professor of Music

Nicole Stamant
Assistant Professor of English

Karen Thompson
Associate Professor of Biology and Chair

David S. Thompson
Annie Louise Harrison Waterman Professor of Theatre

Peggy Thompson
Ellen Douglass Leyburn Professor of English

Harald Thorsrud
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair, Co-director of Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Willie Tolliver Jr.
Professor of English and Chair, Director of Film and Media Studies, Director of Africana Studies

T. Leon Venable
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Thomas E. Will
Kathy '68 and Lawrence Ashe Associate Professor of Business Management; Director of Women's Bridge to Business program; Director of MBA Linkage Program

Sarah Winget
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Jim Wiseman
Professor of Mathematics

Shu-chin Wu
Associate Professor of History, Director of Asian Studies

Abraham Zablocki
Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Madeline Zavodny
Professor of Economics