Lawrence Riddle

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Lawrence H. Riddle

Lawrence H. Riddle

Professor of Mathematics

Contact Information

Phone: 404.471.6222
Office Hours: Open door office hours

Academic Degrees

B.S., Carnegie-Mellon University
M.S., University of Illinois
Ph.D., University of Illinois

Teaching and Scholarly Interests

Professor Riddle's interests include calculus, differential equations, courses incorporating the use of Maple, dynamical systems, and the history of women in mathematics. His website on Biographies of Women Mathematicians profiles the numerous achievements of women in the field of mathematics. His interest in the use of technology in teaching mathematics has lead him to develop a software program called IFS Construction Kit for teaching about the fractals associated with iterated functions systems.

Professional Activities

Current Projects:

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Profiles of many women mathematicians illustrating the numerous achievements of women in mathematics.

Classic Iterated Function Systems

An investigation of the definitions and properties of some of the classic iterated function systems defined by affine transformations, and their associated fractals.

IFS Construction Kit

A software program for Windows to design and draw fractals based on iterated function systems.

Fractal Artwork

Embroidery designs and digital prints of fractals from iterated function systems. 

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