Agnes Scott Scholarships

Are you a high-achieving, talented student interested in the monetary support and prestige that come with merit-based scholarships for college?

At Agnes Scott, all students who apply early decision or early action (by January 15th) are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships ranging from $15,000-$25,000 per year. These scholarships are awarded based on factors including academic achievement, community service, leadership and extracurricular involvement.

Only the Goizueta Foundation Scholarship, Presbyterian Scholarship, Alexander & Loris Wasserman Scholarship, Nannette Hopkins Music Scholarship and Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship require a separate application; see their descriptions for links to those applications. The Marvin B. Perry Presidential Scholarships are only available to those who are specifically selected to compete for them. All scholarships listed below are awarded by the Office of Financial Aid.

Transfer-specific Scholarships

Elizabeth Kiss Trailblazer Scholarships

Agnes Scott is excited to announce the launch of the Elizabeth Kiss Trailblazer Scholarship. Accepted students who have a 3.75 reported GPA, a 1250 SAT or a 26 ACT, are eligible for a $25,000 merit-based scholarship, renewable for up to four years. Learn more here.

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Marvin B. Perry Presidential Scholarships

Each year, our top first-year applicants are invited to compete for this prestigious scholarship, which awards full tuition, room and board for up to four years of study (currently a $208,000 value). Students chosen as Agnes Scott Presidential Scholars excel in academics, leadership, character and personal achievement.

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Goizueta Foundation Scholarship

Agnes Scott offers one Goizueta Foundation Scholarship each year, covering full tuition, room and board (with a four-year value currently around $208,000). Strong preference is given to Hispanic/Latina women who have excelled in academics, leadership, character and personal achievements, and who also demonstrate financial need. Applicants must reside within the United States, but do not need to be U.S. citizens. Read complete details at the links below.

Complete a separate application for the Goizueta Foundation Scholarship. Application will be posted soon.

Información en Español (PDF)

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Agnes Scott College Presbyterian Scholarships

Available on the basis of academic achievement and leadership in the Presbyterian Church (USA). A separate application and nomination by a Presbyterian minister are required. This scholarship awards $1,000 to $3,000 per year, with a four-year value of $4,000 to $12,000.

Complete a separate application for the Presbyterian Scholarship, and ask your pastor to complete and return this nomination form. Application will be posted soon.

Note: You are also encouraged to apply for the National Presbyterian College Scholarship Program, which is based on academic merit and financial need. Award amounts vary, up to $1,500 per academic year. The deadline for this scholarship is Jan. 31.

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The Alexander and Loris Wasserman Scholarships

The Alexander and Loris Wasserman Scholarship is awarded to no more than two incoming first-year students at Agnes Scott College and made possible through the generosity of Michael G. Wasserman and Harriet M. King '64. Each Wasserman Scholar receives a scholarship of $2,500 annually, renewable for up to four years if the recipient remains enrolled full-time and maintains good academic standing. This scholarship has a four-year value of $10,000.

The Wasserman Scholarship is awarded to Jewish students on the basis of academic excellence and commitment to the college's mission of educating women to "think deeply, live honorably, and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their time." The donors and the college value the diversity of Jewish faith and identity. Students who define and express their Jewish identity in traditional and non-traditional ways are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship applicants should complete a separate application for the Wasserman Scholarship. Application will be posted soon.

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Nannette Hopkins Music Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to incoming first-year students who express an intention of majoring or minoring in music, and who demonstrate scholastic ability, talent and seriousness of thought, purpose and endeavor, and who have financial need. The scholarship, which is awarded at varying levels from $500 to $7,000 per year, is renewable each year as long as the student continues to major or minor in music.

An audition is required as well as the application below. Each applicant should prepare two compositions in contrasting styles for her primary area of applied music (for example: one lyric, one virtuosic; or one Baroque, one Romantic, and one modern). In addition, singers are encouraged to audition singing vocal works in two different languages (one of which may be English). It is recommended that singers and pianists audition from memory.

Only the music faculty hears the auditions, after which they rank the applicants on the basis of musicality, technique, and level of difficulty of the repertoire performed at the audition.

Applicants needing an accompanist should mail or fax the accompaniments (in the correct key) to the staff accompanist no later than one week before the audition date.

Complete a separate application for the Nannette Hopkins Music Scholarship. Application will be posted soon.

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Agnes Scott College Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

The Agnes Scott College Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship is a highly competitive award available to students who have a minimum of 45 credits, a 3.5 GPA and are current members of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Incoming transfer students and/or nontraditional students are eligible for these awards. Part-time students and those with previous bachelor's degrees are not eligible. The scholarship award begins at $15,000 per year and is renewable.

Complete this separate application for the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship at Agnes Scott (application will be posted soon). Please submit the PTK Scholarship Application by the application deadline for the term for which you are applying (i.e., June 1 for fall semester and November 1 for spring semester).

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Agnes Scott College Georgia Perimeter College Scholarships 

Awarded to selected transfer applicants who have graduated from Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) within 12 months of enrollment at Agnes Scott. Candidates must submit a recommendation from a GPC professor and rank in the top 10 percent of their graduating class.

$10,000 per year (renewable)

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