Transfer Academic Credit Policies

Courses taken at other regionally accredited colleges and universities will be accepted in transfer provided that these courses are in subjects generally recognized as appropriate for liberal arts colleges and are either comparable to courses offered at Agnes Scott College or are applicable to a degree program at Agnes Scott. Transfer credit is given for grades of C- or better. No credit is given for academic courses with pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades. Transfer credit must be approved by the registrar's office.

A maximum of 64 academic and two physical education transfer credit hours may be applied toward an Agnes Scott degree. A student must earn a minimum of 64 hours in Agnes Scott academic courses toward the 128 hours required for the Agnes Scott degree.

To ensure that you receive a complete transfer credit evaluation as quickly as possible, please submit a catalog or course descriptions from the college(s) previously attended prior to your arrival at Agnes Scott. This evaluation will assist both you and your academic adviser as you select classes at Agnes Scott.

Grades for transfer credit are not factored into a student's grade point average at Agnes Scott.

Agnes Scott Time Limits

Nontraditional students may attend full time or part time. Full time at Agnes Scott is 16 credit hours per semester. If you seek a degree as a part-time student, you must complete your degree within:

  • Eight years of enrollment if initially classified as a first-year student
  • Six years of enrollment if classified as a sophomore
  • Four years of enrollment if classified as a junior or a senior

Please note that institutional financial aid is restricted to eight semesters for full-time student.