Frequently Asked Questions


What’s needed to apply to Agnes Scott?
To be considered for admission to Agnes Scott, transfer students must complete the application process. Click here to visit the “How to Apply” page for transfer students.

Do you require the SAT or ACT for transfer applicants?
SAT or ACT scores are optional for transfer students. See the complete admission requirements here.

What are the application deadlines for transfer students?
See our transfer student deadlines here.

What is due by the transfer application deadline?
All transfer application materials must be postmarked by the respective deadline. This includes transcripts from all colleges attended. We recommend submitting the FAFSA by your application deadline as well.

When will I find out if I am accepted?
Once your application file is complete, you will receive an admission decision within 4 weeks. If you have not received a decision within 4 weeks, follow up with the transfer admission counselor to make sure all of your application materials have been received.

Who is considered to be a transfer student?
Transfer students are those who have graduated from high school (or earned a GED) and have attempted any college or postsecondary course work.

Who is considered to be a nontraditional/adult student?
Students entering Agnes Scott who are over the age of 24 are considered nontraditional by Agnes Scott’s guidelines.

I am a transfer and/or nontraditional student but I have not taken college classes in the last five years. Am I eligible for admission?
A transfer or nontraditional student who has not taken college coursework at a regionally accredited college or university in the last five years would not be a good candidate for admission at this time. We recommend attending a community college or other regionally accredited college/university and then applying as a transfer applicant to Agnes Scott after successfully completing a year (or two semesters) of coursework. We have transfer guarantee programs with several community colleges in Georgia and one two-year women’s college (Cottey College). You can learn more about our transfer guarantee partner colleges via the links featured on our transfer admission website.

I see that you have transfer partnerships with several colleges, but I attend a different college. Will I still be considered for admission?
Agnes Scott participates in partnership programs with several colleges, but we accept transfer students from many different regionally accredited colleges and universities (two-year or four-year, public and private).

I have attended more than one institution. Do I need to send transcripts from every school where I have taken college courses?
Official transcripts from all colleges or universities ever attended are required to be considered for admission. This includes transcripts from joint/dual enrollment programs, through study abroad, summer transient courses or any other college coursework attempted.

Who is a good candidate for transfer admission to Agnes Scott?
A good candidate for admission to Agnes Scott should at least meet the following standards:

  • A student who self-identifies as a woman (we are a women’s college after all)

  • Has completed college coursework in the last 5 years at a regionally accredited college or university

  • Maintained above a 3.0 transfer GPA

Are scholarships and financial aid available for transfer students?
Eligible transfer and nontraditional students will be considered for need-based aid and merit-based scholarships. Read more about our Agnes Scott merit scholarships, including two transfer-specific scholarships, and their requirements. For almost all of our transfer merit-based scholarships, no separate application is required, but you do need to complete the FAFSA to be considered for financial aid.

Will my credits transfer?
In the weeks following your acceptance, you will receive a tentative credit evaluation, which estimates your number of transferable credits. The college determines the actual amount of credit only after evaluating your final transcript. No more than 64 credits (the equivalent of two years) may be transferred into Agnes Scott. You must have an A, B or C in a course to receive course credit. For details, see our transfer credit policy.

What is the maximum number of credits that will transfer into Agnes Scott?
We will accept up to 64 credit hours, which is equal to two years of full-time coursework at Agnes Scott.

Are transfer students expected to complete the same General Education requirements as first year students?
Transfer students do need to meet general education requirements to ultimately graduate from Agnes Scott, but these requirements are slightly different than the requirements for incoming first year students. 

I have completed an associate’s degree. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes, we would be happy to review your transfer application.

I have completed a bachelor’s degree but I’m interested in earning a second bachelor’s degree at Agnes Scott. Am I eligible to apply?
Agnes Scott will consider a transfer application from a student who has completed a bachelor’s degree. Merit-based scholarships and financial aid from the college are not available for students pursuing their second bachelor’s degree.

What if I want to transfer to Agnes Scott as a college senior?
A student must complete her final two years of courses at Agnes Scott to receive an Agnes Scott degree.

I’m very interested in one of Agnes Scott’s dual-degree programs (Engineering, Nursing and Computer Science). How do these work for transfer students?
Not all transfer students at Agnes Scott are a good fit for our dual-degree programs. As these are transfer partnerships, a student who has taken more than one year of coursework before transferring into Agnes Scott may not be a good fit for one of these programs, since they require a student take 64 credit hours (two years of courses) at Agnes Scott before transferring to the partner school to finish the degree (Emory University for Nursing and Computer Science or Georgia Tech for Engineering).

I was previously accepted to Agnes Scott but chose to enroll at another college or university. Do I need to complete another application?
Yes, you will need to apply to Agnes Scott. If you were accepted to Agnes Scott in the last two years, you may use our re-admission application to be considered for admission following the steps that are relevant to your situation.

If you were accepted to Agnes Scott over two years ago, you will need to start a new application to Agnes Scott using the steps outlined on the transfer “How to Apply” page.

I withdrew from Agnes Scott and would like to re-enroll. Do I have to fill out the entire application again?
Students who have withdrawn from Agnes Scott and now wish to re-enroll do not have to re-submit a full application. To be considered for admission, please use our re-admission application and follow the steps that are relevant to your situation.

What housing options are available for transfer students?
Transfer students are eligible to live in one of residence halls, theme houses or college-owned apartments. More information on residence hall options can be found on the Residence Life website.

Are transfer students required to live on campus?
Agnes Scott is a residential college so students, except for nontraditional students, are expected to live on campus for the duration of their tenure at the college. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Office of Residence Life. For more information, please visit the Residence Life “Policies and Forms” page. 

Are nontraditional students required to live on campus?
No, nontraditional students (students older than 24) are not required to live on campus. Campus housing is offered on a space-available basis for nontraditional students, and some restrictions apply. The surrounding town of Decatur also offers convenient access to other housing resources and child care. Family housing is not available on campus.

How will I be assigned to a room on campus?
As an incoming student, you will register for housing later than returning and other new incoming students. As a result, the Residence Life staff will work with you to place you in a residence hall.

Do transfers participate in orientation?
All transfer students participate in orientation as a way to welcome them to the Agnes Scott community. Orientation takes place before classes start.