President's Community Engagement Honor Roll


Honor Roll Many Agnes Scott College students participate in service beyond the opportunities offered by the Center for Leadership and Service. To recognize these efforts, a student (Georgina Espinoza ’17) proposed a sort of “dean’s list” for those who actively engage their communities. From that idea, The President's Community Engagement Honor Roll was born.

The President's Community Engagement Honor Roll recognizes outstanding students who give back to the community through volunteering, community-based research, and public service internships. Hours can be from group service projects, individual volunteer work, a course that requires service, an internship with a non-profit or government agency, or a research project that works with a non-profit or government agency to address a community need.  

Each semester students who complete at least 10 hours of community engagement will be named to the President's Community Engagement Honor Roll and will receive a certificate. Those completing at least 20 hours in a semester will be recognized at a reception hosted by The Center for Leadership and Service and President Kiss. Students who accumulate 200 hours of service during their time at Agnes Scott will be eligible to receive a graduation cord (Seniors in the Class of 2017 will be eligible for cords if they complete 50 hours during their senior year. Juniors in the Class of 2018 will be eligible for cords if they complete 100 hours during their junior and senior year.)

In order to be recognized, students must submit their service hours throughout the semester to the Scotties Serve website. The deadline to submit hours for each semester is the last day of classes. You may log into Scotties Serve with your Agnes Scott username and Password

To submit your hours for the honor roll, please click here.


Congratulations to those named to the Honor Roll for the Spring 2017 Semester.
(* denotes Honor Roll with Distinction)

Ifrah Abdullahi*
Mackenzie Adair*
Ishara Agostini*
Candace Allison*
Olivia Ancrum
Zaina Anwer*
Alaina Bandanza
Destiny Barnett*
Jasmine Berry*
Onna Biswas*
Summer Bosley*
Katherine Brooke
Clarice Brooking
Maya Brooks*
Mahal Bugay*
Alicia Bukowski
Macy Carter
Hannah Culbreath*
Katie Curtin*
Zik Da*
Marianne Danneman
Amira Daugherty*
Sydney Delaney*
Daija Dennis*
Theresa Do*
Mahek Dodhyani*
Ege Su Durak*
Kaylah Edwards
Sophia Elzie
Maisha Era*
Lily Exford
Frances Feng*
Kai Flores-Wong
Kira Fritsche*
Cindy Gallardo
Yasmine Green*
Diona Hall
Storm Harvey*
Afiyah Hashmi*
Mehdia Hassan*
Samantha Hatcher
Clarke Henderson
Julia Henning*
Mearesea Homer*
Kimberly Hopgood-Berdecia
Margaret Rose Hunt*
Naya James*
Daja Johnson*
Gwendolyn Jones
Jameelah Julien*
Anling Kaplan*
Eman Khwaja*
Huda Khwaja*
Amber Kidd
Brianna Laws*
Avanti Lemons*
Kimberly Madrid Quiles*
Sylvia Marshall
Julia Marshall*
Sharlene Martin*
Hannah Matthews*
Sarah Murray*
Lauren Neal
Quynh Nguyen*
Anoushka Pant*
Sonia Patel*
Meh Sod Paw
Eleanor Pettit-Kruse
Hannah Piecuch*
Tanya Pierre*
Margaret Poore*
Makaila Powe
Arianna Pullin
Suniya Raza
Esme Rodehaver*
Emily Rosas
Samiha Ross*
Stephanie Sanchez*
Laura Sato*
Nikki Slogar*
Kennedy Smith
Sydney Snow*
Johali Sotelo*
Abigail Stern
Jasmine Stewart
Laura Stordy
Kian Sullivan*
Margaret Thomas
Rhea Thomas*
Nia Thompson
Meklit Tilahun*
Sandy Tran*
Sara Trojanowski*
Amanda Vasi*
Yuxin Zheng*
Ringo Zuo