AmonAmon: My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me
Reading and Discussion with German Author Jennifer Teege

April 15, 2014
7 p.m.
Teasley Lecture Hall
Bullock Science Center

Jennifer Teege will read (in English) from her recently published and acclaimed memoir "Amon: My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me," which details how she discovered that former concentration camp commander Amon Goeth was her biological grandfather.

At the age of 38, Jennifer Teege discovers that Amon Goeth, the former concentration camp commander near Krakov, Poland, was also her biological grandfather. As an Afro-German woman who has spent several years in Israel working with Holocaust survivors, Teege finds herself pulled into Germany's history on a very personal level. Her widely acclaimed memoir offers a unique reflection on Germany's postwar attempts to take responsibility for the crimes of the Holocaust. Reading and Discussion will be in English. This event is sponsored by a generous grant from The Halle Foundation.