A fashionable student strives to be a mix of Soledad O’Brien and Anderson Cooper

Asha BostonAsha Boston ’14 lives her life like an iconic city girl: busy. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Boston makes it her business to absorb and learn as much as she possibly can in every experience. Whether learning about journalistic integrity or the latest fashion trends, Boston strives to create and inspire.

Boston struggled to choose between a self-designed journalism major and an International Relations major. She eventually chose to major in International Relations.

“I am on this never ending quest to become the journalistic lovechild of Soledad O’Brien and Anderson Cooper,” said Boston. With a flare for visual editing and behind the scenes camera work, Boston wanted to work the media world from the other side of the camera. Through her internship with Teen Diaries, a website for young women ages 13 to 22, Boston was able to practice her on-camera presence.  

This past summer, Boston worked with AMC Networks. Boston said, “I worked with their creative services with on air promotions. I never thought about that part of TV before. I’ve been trying to spread my communication wings all over the place because I really want to work in communications post Agnes.”

 “I knew I wanted to start with on camera work,” said Boston, “We started with an artist named B. Smith and group called B-5. The next day, I had to interview Sean Kingston. The next day after that, I interviewed this band called The American Authors.”

Asha BostonNot only did Boston work for Teen Diaries, she also worked for Her Agenda, a website created for millennial women in the work force. Forbes even recognized the website as one of The 100 Best Websites for Women 2013 and The 10 Best Websites for Millennial Women 2013. Through Her Agenda, Boston was able to meet Kayla Walker, her favorite journalist.

Boston even started her own clothing company, Passion Fruit Vineyard. According to Boston, Passion Fruit Vineyard began as a summer project in 2011.  “It functions along the mantra to ‘be passionate’ and experience the ‘fruits of your labor’ so hopefully as I plant some journalistic seeds a production company might blossom!” With a designer as a mother, Boston felt at home with her love for fashion.

After studying abroad in Paris, interning with AMC, and maintaining two writing positions with Her Agenda and Teen Diaries, Boston was ecstatic to return to Agnes Scott for her senior year. “I could finally just breathe and be here,” said Boston.