Orientation Council Spotlight

Amaris Bronner

Amaris Bronner '15

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Douglasville, Georgia

What is it like to go to a women’s college?

Going to a women’s college is an amazing experience. I am glad that I took advantage of this opportunity and found a school that fits me, as well as many other different students, so well. I love that the focus here is on empowerment and developing us into strong, independent, educated, feisty women. Also, attending a women’s college is fun- it’s not like a “nunnery” or boring school, contrary to what many of my friends from home often think. As an Agnes Scott student I truly believe that I am becoming a more well rounded person.

What do you value most about ASC?

I value the unique, liberal arts education at Agnes Scott. I love the small, intimate classroom setting and the sisterhood/family we have created across campus. Agnes Scott really pushes us to work hard and learn how to balance time. I deeply feel as though I am receiving a top of the notch education, and for that I am forever grateful.

Tell us about a memorable Agnes Scott experience.

A memorable Agnes Scott experience for me was the Sophomore Ring Ceremony. As a current sophomore, receiving my ring recently was very exciting. I loved every minute of the ceremony, as it was an extremely special event. The Ring Ceremony reassured me of why I love Agnes Scott and I now wear my ring daily, as a proud member of the Black Ring Mafia!