Orientation Council Spotlight

Brianna Hudson

Brianna Hudson '15

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Why did you choose Agnes Scott College?

I chose Agnes Scott College because I loved the atmosphere of the campus. Not only is the campus beautiful, but the people are very friendly too! I remember the first time I came to visit Agnes Scott; I got the opportunity to meet my admissions counselor, Katie Mattli, for the first time in person. As soon as Katie saw me, she immediately knew who I was and remembered every single thing I wrote about in my application, which is incredible. I remember feeling so welcomed and knew that this school was the right place for me. 

What do you value most about ASC?

The cultural, intellectual and individual diversities of the students and faculty are my favorite things about Agnes Scott College. There are so many different people, from different backgrounds here at Agnes and because of that people have different beliefs and views. Being around a diverse group of people has really allowed me to think differently and not be so narrow- minded. It has, also allowed me to feel more accepted and welcomed.  I believe it is this sort of diversity that creates a richer learning environment for all students, despite their major. Agnes Scott is filled with caring faculty that wants the best for each individual student. They often go out of their way to present students with amazing opportunities.The students and faculty, here at Agnes Scott work together to build a community to that supports and encourages one another to be the best person that they can be.

Tell us about a memorable Agnes Scott experience.

I have had many memorable experiences at Agnes Scott, but my most memorable experience was the Sophomore Ring Ceremony. It was a truly amazing experience to finally get my ring and become a member of the “Black Ring Mafia.” It was also great to see my class and their families come together as a whole and celebrate this rite of passage.