Dual-Degree in Engineering

With the Georgia Institute of Technology

Would you like to become an engineer but also want to explore other exciting subjects—ones that illuminate the interconnections of the world—to launch you on a lifetime of learning?

Consider our dual-degree program in engineering—aerospace, biomedical, chemical and biomolecular, civil and environmental, electrical and computer, industrial and systems, materials science, mechanical or polymer, or textile and fiber.

You’ll earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from Agnes Scott and a Bachelor of Science in engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Your program will begin with a three-year, liberal arts curriculum at Agnes Scott followed by approximately two years of engineering study at Georgia Tech.

During your study at Agnes Scott, you’ll enjoy collaborative, in-class discussions, accessible faculty and research of your own choosing. And, you’ll enhance your future career as an engineer with strong writing, speaking and analytical skills—the true benefits of a liberal arts education.

If you are interested in this program, meet with Molly Smith, Director of the Science Center for Women, as early as possible, preferably during your first year (msmith@agnesscott.edu). You will select a major and plan a program that satisfies all specific and distributional standards for the Agnes Scott degree by the end of your junior year, in addition to the mathematics and science courses required for engineering programs at Georgia Tech. you will declare a major at the end of your sophomore year at Agnes Scott and enroll in courses appropriate for that major during the junior year.