Required Theme House Activities

Required Theme House Activities

By accepting assignment to a theme house, you are making a commitment to participate in the activities outlines in your group’s proposal. Participation includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Holding a minimum of one program per month (or 3 programs per semester) that are open for the involvement of the entire Agnes Scott community
  • Holding at least one program each semester that is considered to be a “service-learning” event
  • Participating in the fall orientation session to prepare for program implementation
  • Assisting with the preparation and dissemination of monthly reports documenting and evaluating the house activities, programs and accomplishments.
  • Involving the house’s faculty and or staff adviser in significant and continuous ways
  • Participating in programs organized by resident life staff
  • Sharing what you have learned with others in the theme house programs and the Agnes Scott community at events such as Family Weekend and SpARC (poster or oral presentation)
  • Actively supporting community building activities, including engaging the efforts of the theme house community
  • Meeting weekly as a house to plan house events, upcoming programs, ongoing commitments, house issues etc.
  • Remaining inside of the Programming Budget set each year by the Office of Residence Life.

Additionally, all standard housing rules apply and students must adhere to rules set in place in the Student Handbook and Housing Contract. This includes but is not limited to conduct and behavior, party policy, guest policy, drug & alcohol policies etc.

What if the requirements are not met?

Individuals or groups who fail to meet program requirements will be formally warned by the Director of Residence Life and given an opportunity to improve their performance during a specified probationary period.

Failure to meet this commitment may result in a monetary fine and/or the reassignment of individuals or an entire group to available spaces on campus. Such fine or reassignment will be made at the discretion of the director of residence life in consultation with the selection committee and residential staff members.

Monthly Reports

This report is due the 1st of each month to your Graduate Hall Director and should include details outlining the previous month’s events as well as your preparation for the upcoming month’s events. The report should include programming, adviser interaction, reflection and assessment. A template will be provided. The house should decide if one resident will be responsible for these reports or if the writer will rotate monthly.

Community Presentations

Theme house participants are required to share what they have learned in the theme house community at Family Weekend and SpARC (Spring 2017 date TBD). We encourage you to be creative in these presentations and engage the audience. These presentations should be representative of the entire year of work in the house; thus, it may be helpful to designate one person to archive pictures, flyers, information and summaries of all events.