Your Global Journey

During your first semester Global Gateways sets the stage for your Spring semester course, Global Journeys, the core course in the Global Learning curriculum of Summit. Journeys continues the conversations started in Gateways with a focus on global structures, systems and patterns. These foci are supported by the common content shared across all Journeys sections, including shared readings and assignments. In addition to the common content, each section also has its own unique dynamic defined by the professor’s expertise and the section’s unique destination focus (keep reading for more on this!). Through readings, discussions with your classmates and professor, and assignments, you will be able to identify, describe, and evaluate critical assumptions that shape the discourse around global issues.

But now it’s time to apply what you’ve learned: during a week-long cultural immersion, you will travel with your classmates and faculty leader to your section’s destination. During this travel experience you will deep-dive into the destination’s rich cultural and history and use the skills learned in Gateways and Journeys to critically analyze your experience. Aside from the cost of a passport and souvenirs, your Journeys Cultural Immersion is expense-free to you.


Where are Scotties headed in 2019?

The Class of 2022 is underway on their Journeys! 

Journeys: Bulgaria - Transitions
Journeys: Chile - Visual Arts and Poetry in the Context of Dictatorship
Journeys: Costa Rica - Pura Vida (Enjoyment of Life)
Journeys: District of Columbia - Image and Contradiction in the DC We See
Journeys: France - Fashion, Ethics, and Capitalism
Journeys: Ghana - Women and Leadership in Ghanaian Society
Journeys: Guatemala - Women, Ethnicity, and Humanitarian Aid in a Post-Conflict Society
Journeys: Iceland - Energy, Economics, and Gender Equity
Journeys: Jamaica - Race and Place, Past and Present
Journeys: Manchester - Industrialization and Scientific Progress, Benefits and Costs
Journeys: Martinique - Post-colonial Martinique in Global Context
Journeys: Morocco - Cross Cultural Mediterranean
Journeys: Navajo Nation - Music, Arts, Community
Journeys: Northern Ireland - The Trouble With Peace
Journeys: Panama - The Diaspora and Black Identity
Journeys: Peru - Coffee, Culture and Community

 Please note this list is updated often to reflect changes to course listings and titles.

What Comes Next?

Scotties waste no time in sharing their experiences and preparing for their next global learning experience! After completing your first year at Agnes Scott, a year rich with engaging dialogue and life-changing experiences that span the globe, you’ll be prepared to continue your exploration as an upper-class Scottie through Global Awareness and Independent Study Abroad.

See for yourself! Check out Scotties' experiences on Global ASC 2019. While you're in the neighborhood, learn more about global learning from Agnes herself on Agnes Abroad!

Previous Journeys

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