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The Center for Global Learning is where global learning really takes flight (or boat, or foot, or bike!) As a center theme of Summit, global learning at Agnes Scott College equips Scotties to understand and navigate our increasingly “global” world. Today we all encounter an exhilarating and overwhelming range of people, ideas, cultures, and commodities. Your experiences during your years at Agnes Scott will prepare you to translate those encounters as an student and as a leader.

Every Scottie attains a foundational understanding of complex global dynamics through our first-year curriculum and co-curriculum and the rich composite of international perspectives on campus. After that, students can elect to pursue more in-depth learning through a breadth of study abroad independent and faculty-led opportunities, the Global Learning specialization, and/or advanced co-curricular events. The Center for Global Learning coordinates all of these learning opportunities as well as provides services for international students.

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Click a Scottie below to learn more about the global learning opportunities available to you through the Center for Global Learning. From short-term to an entire semester or year, there is a program to fit your academic and personal goals. Use Carta, our program and application management tool, to get in-depth information about programs and deadlines, and to start an application!

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Global Learning
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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

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Languages at Agnes Scott College

As a global learner and a global citizen (and as someone needing a job one day!), the ability to use another language is critical. Scotties prepare themselves for their study abroad experiences and the real world through the incredible foreign language options available at Agnes Scott College.







Needing to learn a language not offered at Agnes Scott? You can still prepare for your next study abroad or travel experience! We recommend Mango and WeSpeke - both options are completely free and offer different styles of language learning. Find out more!

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Get to know the Center for Global Learning staff!

We like to think we are a friendly bunch - we certainly have lots of travel stories to share! 

Click here to meet our staff.

Global Learning Specialization

As part of Summit, Scotties chose between Global Learning and Leadership Development Specializations. We might be bias, but Global Learning sounds amazing!

Click here to learn about the Global Learning specialization.

Global Learning Co-Curricular Opportunities 

Agnes Scott has a wide variety of co-curricular activities on and off campus that have a strong focus on global citizenship and global learning, with the goal of engaging a wider world.

Click here to learn about our co-curricular opportunities.